Friday, February 5, 2010

Bye-bye, Brugh

Last December, Brugh Joy passed away.  Brugh originally had been a doctor.  He'd interned at Johns Hopkins and finished his training at the Mayo Clinic.  He was a practicing physician until a bout of pancreatitis steered him toward alternative medicine.  Brugh dove into energy healing, Jungian work, and dreams.  He left his medical career and began leading self-development workshops.  Michael Crichton wrote about his experience at one of Brugh's seminars in his book Travels.

My wife and I do dreamwork once a month with a couple of friends who are students of Brugh's.  In 2008, they got me into one of his weekend workshops, in Chicago.  It was an amazing experience!  At the first meeting, he led a heart-centered ritual that inducted everyone into the work for the weekend.  I was amazed at how this one 80-something man could work with all 25 of us, taking each of us deep into the work.

In the evening, after the last session of the day, Brugh was chatting with me, when he casually put his right hand on my chest and his left on my back.  I felt intense energy flow through my chest, blowing my heart open.  Every morning, we'd do dreamwork.  He'd call for dreams, and he'd go around the circle and got right into the meat of each dream immediately.  And the dreams I had while I was there were very big, very vivid, as if Brugh's presence had evoked powerful forces from my subconscious.

This turned out to be my only chance to work with Brugh in person.  Brugh had had pancreatic cancer sometime in the 1990s and had fully recovered.  He was in such good health that he went on a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash in Tibet a couple of years ago.  But in 2009, he was diagnosed with a recurrence of his pancreatic cancer, his third experience with pancreatic health issues.  This time, there was no recovery.

The way Brugh worked with treatment for his cancer, and the way he approached his death, was a lesson in itself.  He treated chemotherapy as if it were a holy sacrament.  He was totally open to whatever happened, and he met his own death with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Most of the people in the Chicago group had known Brugh for several years, some for a couple of decades, so I was surprised and grateful when I received email inviting me to a celebration of Brugh's life with the rest of the group.  I went with my friends to Chicago last Sunday, and we all gathered again.  We sat in a circle, conducted a Brugh heart ritual, and shared stories.  Brugh was certainly there in spirit.

I'm grateful to have had the chance to work with Brugh.  He helped me come to terms with my chronic pain condition.  He showed me that working with the physical body is a valid spiritual path.  His advice to find some type of body movement practice, such as dance or martial arts, led me to tai chi, which has been very good for me on a number of levels.  So even though I knew Brugh for just a little while, I'm going to miss him.


Arjuno said...

This is beautiful - elegeantly bypasses blame and recrimination

Carol O said...

And here it is 2013, and Brugh is still deeply missed by those of us who are connected to him. His teaching lives on in each of us whose life he touched.
We love you, Brugh! We feel your presence strongly.

Sirigid said...

10By chance I came across this beautiful letter - I will print this out for his brother and my family!

Thank you!

Heide Joy

Karl Boyken said...

Heide, you're welcome!

Barbara Odenwald said...

Thank you for sharing this Karl. I am very moved to hear about the work that Brugh did to help so many - I would have loved to have a chance to meet him. Was there any move to keep his workshops going or are there any similar workshops based on his work, that anybody could point me to?

Karl Boyken said...

Barbara, some of Brugh's students have gravitated toward Carolyn Conger, . Carolyn and Brugh worked together sometimes. There also are a couple of online communities of Brugh's students, and they would have information about workshops or programs that are carrying on Brugh's work. One is the Kinship Project, . The other I knew of was called Hearts-A-Joy, but I can't find it. If you're interested in the Jungian aspects of Brugh's work, you might like James Hollis, a Jungian analyst,

Barbara Odenwald said...

Wow Karl - this is wonderful - I really appreciate your taking the time to reply. I've dived into Carolyn's website and have gotten so much from it already! I see that I missed a one-week residential workshop she held in May - I would have loved to go!
Again, thank you kindly.

DavidKNZ said...

Many years ago, my father was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, later metastasizing. Too young to die, he became depressed. Somehow, I managed to send him a copy of "Joys Way" He read it avidly, and became aware that death was not an end, particularly as Dr Brugh had been similarly affected. He wrote, requesting 5 copies (which I sent) and a cheque (which I still have). Now, in my bookshelf, I have his much annotated copy showing just how inspirational it was to him. It faciltated a communication which both of use wanted, but alone were unable to effect. Such is the nature of Miracles :-)

Sealani Weiner said...

I am grateful that I got to attend a seminar by Brugh in the 1980's. One of his "students", Carole Kammen, passed along so much of his wisdom. She still is doing this kind of work, through the Pathways Institute. Here's the link:

Unknown said...

There is a Heart initiation conference with a teacher named Carol Kammen this late may 2017
She studied with Brugh decades ago. I know of no one else who offers such an initiation.
You may inquire with me directly if you wish

Karl Boyken said...